'What mods do you use in your game?'
I pick the best mods to make my game beautiful and lovable. And of course, the mods shared in this blog and created by us, make our special part. Check out the modlist right here.

'I have installed your race, and I am having a wierd color mismatch on the face - it doesn't match the body's color, or it is oddly colored in whole. Is there any cure?'
Yes it is. First, after you have installed a race from maxheartflan.com, and it is chosen in the character creation menu, you need to reset the character's face. If the colors are still wierd, look at the age and complection sliders in the bottom part of the main creation menu. Remember their disposition (usually the age slider is situated somewhere to the left, and the complexion slider is somewhat to the right.) Move the age slider to the right and then back to it's initial position. Move the complexion slider to the left and then back to it's initial position. This simple trick ALWAYS works for me. ONLY after you're done with this and the face colour is fixed, start shaping the face if you wish.

'Do you take requests?'
No. I just can never fulfill them despite all the promises, so I thought I`d rather not take.

'Can you share <insert anything you noticed in my screens but not in the downloads page>?'
Everything that can be shared is already shared, or I am going to share it soon. Or else, I just forgot to share, but you can try your luck in reminding me.

'Can you share Maxim or Eden?' 
These are my personal characters. I won't share them sorry. Dustin's James and/or Flan can not be shared for the same reason. They are for us only, and there will be no exceptions. I'm not gonna be a picky fuck and choose who is "worthy" to have my character and who is not. That's why no shares of the mentioned 4 characters, yet all the others are available for anyone to download.

'What is the race of your main character Maxim?'
Maxim is the undead vampire. According to TES LORE, one can catch vampirism while being still alive, but Max got his after getting already dead. That's why he possesses a unique bizarre appearance - he dosen't look like Flan or any other of our vampire boys.
Technically his appearance was based off of Enayla Hunter skin for the Sims 2 - an ancient mod converted by Dustin to Oblivion a long long looong time ago. We were developing Max's skin all these years, so it got just perfect.

'How do you make your couple screenshots?'
I use special scripts to make the poses match. And no, I don't pose the characters for hours, I keep all possible pose combinations in my head, for there are too few decent pose mods out there.

'Why the heck are you being so greedy about the hundred hairs you port, why don't you let us put them in our gems of races and re-release?'
Because I'm this kind of guy.
Here's the solution for all: you could make your mod dependant on any of my conversion mods, just mention that people who download your mod would need the hairpack uploaded by the 3rd party (that is, us). You can add the hairs in your .esp but not include them in your mod package - redirect people to the hair page @ maxheartflan.com instead.
And yes Room207 posted his companion with Lapiz hair and Dustin posted Kijiko and Cazy hairpacks on Nexuxmods because I wrote and gained special permissions from the original authors. Sorry I can not do this for everyone due to the lack of free time, I prefer spending it on modding, hope you understand.

'Are you going to mod Skyrim eventually?'
No I won`t switch because I just do not like Skyrim this much. And I won`t be modding the both games because it`s too much hassle.


  1. Hello,

    I have seen that you have converted your beautyful characters for Skyrim. Is there any chance to get them? I want to make my character look so young and beautiful like yours. I have the most of your mods for Oblivion, because they are so awesome! If I had the talent and the know-how I would do it on my own, but I havn't. So, I'm just glad to know that you can do it. And I hope, you share your work, so I can use it for my gameplay. Pleeeeease.

    1. Hello. I'm really sorry but my Skyrim characters have gone (for bad maybe) when I uninstalled the game, it's been like, 2 years ago.
      In fact I had put them together with help of the parts of other mods that were freely available for download. I now understand I shouldn't have erased the mod I had made because a lot of people wanted it. But I can't change a thing. I just do not have anything related to skyrim modding on my hd any more. Sorry again.