People keep wondering how come that my game is even more beautiful than their Skyrims, that's why I'm being frequently asked what mods I use for my good ole TES IV Oblivion game.
Here's the list of mods I use and enjoy in my game. That's a hell of mods of course, and these are the best mods for Oblivion, I swear. However you have to make sure you're not running Oblivion on a potato before installing all these - myself I upgrade the computer yearly.

Vampire Race Disabler
Enhanced Grass
A Tweaked ENB

Character and Beauty:
Male nude body
Female nude body
Female uppers
Our precious races

NPC improvement:
Room207's NPC humanoid head replacer (not shared, sorry)
Room207's Orsimer overhaul
Argonian faces  and bodies
Khajiit retexture

Retexture and Global:
All Natural
Bomret's texture pack for Shivering Isles
Insanity's LOD texture replacement
Mossy Ayleid Ruins
Fort exterior retexture
Fort interior retexture
Cave textures
Night Sky
Trees and flora
Trees and flora 2
Unique landscapes (I don't use the all-in-one version since some of them don't work for me, the others are too many to list)

Retexture Clutter:
Varla and Welkynd stones
Medieval books (can't find the link sorry)
Upper, Mid and Lower blankets and rugs
Arena poster
Potions and wines
Fruits and meats

Insanity's Improved Armoury
Insanity's Weapon Improvement
Insanity's Mesh Improvement
Improved fires and flames
Improved skulls and bones and ironwork
Oblivion grass overhaul
A better Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary
Snus Dungeons
Window lighting

Quest and Locations:
Redwood Estate
Shadowrose Manor
Side's lost inn
Shezrie's towns
Shadowcrest wineyard
Sheogorad  (our very modified version)

Player homes:
(on the first place I use our own homes made in collaboration with Dustin. But here are some all time favourites that I keep in my game regardless)
Sunburn ranch
Nibenay cabin
Perugia's passage
Clamshell cottage
Nightmist manor

Atmospheric Oblivion
Male voice for the player character (be careful, this mod conflicts with GGC script - install it only after you have recruited all your GGC boys or girls).

(our own boys mostly)
Fergus (in fact Fergus as Toren)

Armors and Clothing:
Everything is here (for men and women)
Our own conversions, mashups

I bet I forgot a bunch of things. The list is totally to be continued ...

Have some pictures:


  1. AnonymousJune 15, 2014

    You are truly a genius at moding. Wish we could get you to work on some skyrim mods. They have no male companions that can compare to the likes of Ddeath. Your mods are what keep me playing Oblivion.

    1. Hey I agree with you, my mods keep me wanting to play Oblivion still :D I used to try myself in modding Skyrim just like everyone else, but I just didn't like the game as much. No Robert's bodies in Skyrim is a catastrophe. However, I witnessed ppl using cute male faces for Skyrim, and myself I used to have some. The guys by shadowtigers and highonsunday were beautiful.

    2. AnonymousJune 25, 2014

      I will look them up thanks. Regarding Ddeath, he is the only one of your chacters that doesn't ramdonly quit following or walk away after interfacing with him. He has been very loyal and I've never lost him as with the others. His quips are what make him alittle more real and companionable. Sometimes he whites out in lighted areas I was wondering if you could give him a shade darker tone? Will you be updating his dialogue? Expanding it maybe? That would be awesome. Maybe you could make him like Fergus and we could romance him. That would be fantastic. I really can't say enough about him. Thanks for giving him to us. Thanks also for the quick response. Didn't expect it so just got back to checking.

    3. AnonymousJune 25, 2014

      I would love to! Just tell me how.

    4. Oh btw, haven't you checked up my Fergus as Toren mod? He can be romanced, but his original dialogue wasn't changed. It's here:

  2. AnonymousJune 15, 2014

    BTW can you make a Ddeath option with a slightly darker skin? I get a white out in lighted areas with him. He's super though and I wouldn't play without him now. I enjoy your other characters but they run off sometimes and don't have the remarks that make
    Ddeath so much fun.

    1. Hey thanks, i'll see what I can do. And do you know, I've got a GGC Gill companion too, he runs the same script as Ddeath, but he's got his own unique remarks. He's in beta-version, do you want to test the esp for me?

    2. AnonymousJune 25, 2014

      I would love to! Just let me know how. I'm not that good with computers.

    3. A white out on Ddeath's skin, how does it look like - is it like a normal map defect (too shiny face) or just because the skin is too light?

    4. AnonymousJune 26, 2014

      It's just the light reflection drowns all the details because he is so white. Where do I get the new Gill esp? I do have Fergus as Toren. Ddeath is just more fun. The Ddeath in the testing hall is even better. I think I just liked the darker hair and skin because it doesn't reflect so much.

  3. AnonymousJune 26, 2014

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    1. Are you the same anonymous that wanted GGC Gill? I'm in the process of uploading the beta mod right now. If yes, i'd rather email you the link ofc.

    2. AnonymousJune 26, 2014

      Yes. Email would be cool. Sorry about the anonymous but I couldn't figure out how to put my name in. Always says bad credentials or something.

    3. You've got mailz :D

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Hello, I use the same poses that those who play fem!characters use. The posing is not dependant on gender, and I don't have any special poses for men. I use the console and scripts to match the posing, and I do some post-process photoshop work on the screens.

      You can find the pose mods over nexusmods site, or loverslab site (I used the lovers recource for many sexual poses), or japanese blogs. My friend Room207 has a big collection of links to the modder blogs of all kinds over his blog. Some of them have very good posing mods.