Hellow. TES IV Oblivion mods and images are here. However, if you don`t like lore-breaking mods and gay pictures, you`d better say goodbye right now, because that`s what MaxHeartFlan blog is about. Also, there`s a warning but I think I`d repeat that if you`re under 18, don`t follow any of my blogs.


  • free redistribution of our MODDER RESOURCES
  • repost of Max's screenshots, just try to not remove the site logo.
  • conversion of our things to other games 
You don't have to seek permission from us, unless you want to talk to us.
Credit and link back to our blog if you use our stuff in your mods
  Example: thanks to Max and DustinFlan at for the /resource name/

  • redistribution of any part of our MODS within your Oblivion mods. 
  • claiming any of Dustin or Max's work as your own, or as some third parties' work. 
  • making money on any part of our mods/resources - this means no adf ( dot ) ly, no donations.
A very popular question regarding the ported hairs: you could make your mod dependant on any of my conversion mods, just mention that people who download your mod would need the hairpack uploaded by the 3rd party (that is, us). You can add the hairs in your .esp but not include them in your mod package - redirect people to the hair page @ instead.

ALSO, the comments are on here for a reason. if I forgot smth, or you've got questions regarding the terms, ask right here. I do not bite.

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